About Compounding World

The global magazine for polymer compounders

Compounding World is a monthly magazine written specifically for polymer compounders and masterbatch producers around the globe.

It is published electronically by Applied Market Information, the leading provider of market intelligence and analysis for the global compounding and masterbatch industries.

Each and every month, Compounding World covers key technical developments, market trends, strategic business issues, legislative announcements, company profiles and new product launches. Unlike other general plastics magazines, Compounding World is 100% focused on the specific information needs of compounders and masterbatch producers.

The magazine carries in-depth articles written by experienced technical journalists and market experts from Applied Market Information. Plus there are exclusive contributions from leading researchers and industry insiders.

Applied Market Information’s wealth of industry information and analysis ensures that Compounding World provides exclusive insights into the key market issues and opportunities for compounders and masterbatch producers wherever they are based.

The company has a detailed database of senior decision makers at more than 2,600 compounding and masterbatch production sites across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. This unique and constantly updated database provides Compounding World with comprehensive global access to the key purchasers of polymer additives, compounding machinery and ancillary equipment.

Access to the magazine is entirely free-of-charge. As each issue of Compounding World is published, e-mails are sent to more than 21,000 relevant recipients from the compounding, masterbatch and additives sectors to notify them about the new edition and to provide a direct link to it.

Delivered digitally, this is a magazine for the modern age, providing rapid distribution and fresh content for readers, while generating a quick and measurable response for advertisers.

Adverts are very competitively priced and can include links straight to your own website. If you are selling machinery, ancillary equipment, materials, additives or services to compounders or masterbatch producers, then Compounding World provides an extremely efficient vehicle to promote your business globally.

Because the magazine is published and distributed electronically, there are no delays caused by printing and international delivery. As soon as a new edition is completed each month, its timely contents can be accessed immediately by readers all around the world.

The electronic distribution of Compounding World is not only rapid and effective, it is also sustainable, cutting paper consumption and disposal issues, as well as reducing the environmental impact of international delivery.

Users can access current and past issues of the magazine via this website, which also provides new readers with the opportunity to register for their own monthly notification e-mails for each new edition of Compounding World.

Each edition of the magazine will be accessible online for at least 12 months, providing an extremely valuable resource for readers and extended exposure for advertisers.

Compounding World offers:

  • Comprehensive global coverage
  • Targeted editorial content
  • In-depth market knowledge
  • Free online access for all
  • Highly competitive advertisement rates
  • An effective and efficient route to market